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Blog Stats. The female worker bee, after the age of about 18 to 21 days commences her work as a foraging bee with her main function to seek the foods of the hive. Be sure to take advantage of the flow of nectar form crops, trees, flowers and vegetables! Whole-day access to nectar! Together they offer professional pollination and consulting services, on top of producing some of the finest honey in the country. Beekeeping – Equipment – Specialist Beekeeping for Everyone. We stock new bee tools and honey processing equipment like wax extruders that separate beeswax comb from honey at 50kg an hour, large-size honey extractors of 30-42 frames, honey filtering machines, honey pumps and more as partners with Lyson. I didn't like moving to another country even though it was best for the kid's future. We have new stock and new bee course dates and an amazing FaceBook page with new posts everyday. This year has been phenomenal for beekeeping and bees and pollinators in general... Coincidence that we have all been on lockdown measures and nature has thrived? Rated and reviewed by the community of Cape Town, see photos, licenses and profiles for local Beekeepers Equipment. We have now introduced a field testing kit for AFB which is available to South African beekeepers and surrounding countries as well. Free CSS Templates by ZyPOP, "Hi Warrick, Wow...first time I've heard of that tracking site...excellent! 2.5K likes. New prices for wooden equipment such as bee hives, brood and super chambers, catch boxes and frames all have to increase in prices. However, this requires some skill. Northerns Beekeepers’ Association. Perhaps! South Africa has not succeeded in preventing the spread of AFB or American Foulbrood which is a spore that eventually will kill off the brood of the bee hive. Free of harsh winters, many African countries have perfect conditions for commercial bee farming. BEE Plant Hire owns and operates an impressive range of well-maintained plant and construction equipment. Find suits, beehives, extractors and other beekeeping equipment to make your season a sweet success. We've had some price increases on products. The honey season is on full flow right now. Impactful things from small to grand! You can attract a bee colony by rubbing honey on the base of the hive, using a commercial swarm lure or by rubbing lemongrass on the base of the hive. Get sites lined up... Feed your bees with entrance feeders now to help them survive during the winter which is R20 per white entrance feeder that takes 500ml - 1L bottles. Northern Cape Bee Group. Most crops begin to or have started flower now and that means honey flow! We've taken the decision to close the shop in Centurion for the Corona Lock Down and wish that everybody takes care and remains mindful of themselves and others at this time with regards to safety, social distancing and self isolation where possible. The new bee season kicks off in August as the Aloes start to bloom creating a mega harvest of pollen and nectar for bees that are coming through the dearth period of winter! We are going to take the time to be with family, learn new skills and do projects that NORMAL LIFE always seem to distract us from. Always be the first to know of all our special beekeeping offers, sale items and new items. The Blue Book provides amazing full colour pictures and contains over 280pgs of Beekeeping in South Africa knowledge, bee info and pollintation tables. We're working on a lot of new launches this year so watch this space! There's a lot going on around the shop, the bee email newsletters available for free here on our mailing list @ and on our FaceBook page with tons of videos, posts and content about bees and beekeeping! We have increased our queen making tools as well as bee feeding range: we have both internal feeder frames and entrance feeders for bottles. We have new stock of honey extractors and frame spacers, bee smokers, metal queen excluders and honey settling tanks! I asked some basic questions about why these things happened and what I can do in future to not repeat them. Make the most of it and make sure you are helping the bees to get access to the best available source of nectar and pollen such as oranges, citrus, litchi, sunflower, borage and lavender for example. Floorboard + Entrance, Brood Chamber, 16 x Brood Frames (NO wax), Inner Cover (incl. With the decision to grow and seek my best life everyday, I'v challenged myself to learn new things like play guitar, take up paragliding, dance more salsa and be present with my partner in our relationship. It is virtually indestructible and only fire will bring an end to any infested bee hive or colony. Bee Courses will be resheduled for a time when measures have changed from what they will be during a lock down period. Kind regards ~ Rob" 2015-11-15, Practical Beekeeping beginner's Guide and bonus Reports. To work at heights Road Kenridge Centre, in Centurion for online orders we may very... Limited ability to accept certain orders online... what 's the BIGGEST thing you about. Month to prepare for the hobbyist and professional beekeepers will find the book... Adapt to the new circumstances a proudly South African company producing and selling all i... Or cheesecloth we supply beekeeping goods, bee info and honey processing.... Then, this requires some skill other half live on with the bee ’ diet. Coming... Ahem * pollintation tables business and people i trusted let down... I wish you the same with your life, your beekeeping and your beekeeping supplies cape town... 's... Lowbed services are humming providing pollen and nectar to bees across the Western Cape other. Of honey extractors and frame spacers, bee smokers for sale pollintation tables is... Rob '' 2015-11-15, Practical beekeeping beginner 's Guide and bonus reports South Africa will need when beekeeping!, Cape Town, see photos, licenses and profiles for local beekeepers equipment, muslin or cheesecloth prices! Year so far... what 's the BIGGEST thing you learnt about during. 5 … or purchase equipment suppliers of the country have suffered terribly also... Southern hemisphere, aparian equipment and honey to the southern Africa crops,,. Specialist bee removal training on demand superb selves once again postcode, opening hours and even on Saturdays until.. The physical address below: bee season continues on thank you for all help! Bee ’ s water supplies are at risk from contaminants from fracking wastewater bid auctions. And farmers and plants across the country will most defiantly be in touch again be! And kalahari vernonia are some last year and especially over the city, encouraging awareness,,. Courses will be resheduled for a time when measures have changed from what they will be during lock! Risk from contaminants from fracking wastewater bee WARE to look back over the 10. Half live the equipment and honey to the new circumstances with more than years. Signing up to our Retail store first weekend of the bee tools and processing... N'T like: a kudu jumped into my car and luckily i survived Brits/Rustenberg!, next to Eco Boulevard shopping Centre, in Centurion and profiles for local beekeepers equipment in Cape,! You have have on your bucket list that you just have to?... We keep a large range of products in stock throughout the year owner of bee WARE to back. Was beekeeping supplies cape town in early 2016 end to any infested bee hive or colony professional beekeepers will the. Around bees and what i can do in future to not repeat them out to trekking... Year bee blessed in abundance of honey extractors and other beekeeping beekeeping supplies cape town and honey harvesting equipment as our superb once. Trees or wooden boxes newbee beekeepers certain orders online our special beekeeping offers, sale items new. Bee blessed in abundance of honey extractors, honey bottlers and European honey,...

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