fixed guardrails systems can be constructed out of quizlet

Electrical shocks, fires, or falls result from the following hazards: Electrical accidents are caused by a combination of the following three factors: The OSHA standard requires flexible cords to be designed for ___. Under no circumstance shall any employee who is not essential to the jacking operation be permitted immediately beneath a slab that is being lifted. All portable ladders shall have a minimum of _____ inches and a maximum of _____ inches vertical spacing between rungs. Cranes used to hoist personnel platforms should maintain the platform level within _____ percent of level. A boom angle indicator, clearly visible to the operator, is required on all of the following equipment EXCEPT: Guardrail systems must be enclosed from the toe board to mid-rail with expanded metal having openings no greater than _____ inch(s). The National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) document SG4 gives details of the different methods that can be used to prevent falls when erecting, altering and dismantling scaffolding. whenever a masonry wall is being constructed. How often must powder actuated equipment be tested to make sure safety devices are operating properly? The line in a personal fall arrest system should be rigged so that a worker does not free fall for more than _____ feet. To protect a worker from shock, these tools must. Guardrail systems are required to be in place on any unprotected edges of stairway landings. Anchorage for positioning devices must limit free falls to two feet and be capable of supporting a potential impact load of ____ pounds. When hoisting personnel the load line must have a load safety factor of at least _____ times. Scaffold frames can be used as a means of access only if they... are specifically designed by the manufacturer and constructed for use as ladder rungs. Highway-Style Guardrails. Disabling or fatal diseases such as gastrointestinal cancer can result from exposure to asbestos by _____ the loose fibers. At what intervals (maximum vertical rise) must there be stairway landings? These are probably the most common types of suspended scaffolds. If wire rope is used is used for top rails, it shall be flagged with high-visibility material at not more than ____-foot intervals. Contractors can get fairly even grading, but it will rarely be perfect enough to be spot on the design height. Sloping or benching for excavations greater than _____ feet deep shall be designated by a registered professional engineer. ___ are the second most injured body part in the workplace. It has a 2-feet safe landing zone. Shields must extend at least ______ inches above the top of the vertical side of the excavation. First-aid supplies must be in what type of container? What type of fire extinguisher would you select for fires that are fueled by flammable liquids, gas, oils, paints, and grease? They are usually small in size and are commonly used for one or two story residential houses; however, it is possible to make them stand several stories high if the need arises. How often is an employer required to conduct safety inspections? ___ Mesh gloves protects against cuts and lacerations. The employer is responsible for the development and maintenance of an effective fire protection and prevention program throughout all phases of construction. If you go a little off course, the rails help you regain the path towards your destination. "Safety Factor" means the ratio of the ultimate breaking strength of a member or piece of material to the actual working stress or safe load. Each crane should receive a thorough inspection every ________ by a competent person or government or private agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor. Bottom - 28 Top - 38. What type of surfaces should powder actuated tools NOT be driven into? When performing overhand brick laying, no materials or equipment except masonry and mortar shall be stored within ___ feet of the working edge. Have a three-wire cord plugged into a grounded receptacle. If a mobile scaffold is to be moved, if the ground is not within _____ degrees of level, it must be disassembled before moving. How many fire extinguishers must be provided on a multi-story building project? Which of the following things must be contained in an emergency action plan? 42. What precautions must be taken with cabinets, fittings, boxes, panel board enclosures when located in damp or wet areas? Circulating heating devices must have a clearance of _________ from the rear and sides of the device. Rungs on a step stool must be not less than _____ inches and not more than _____ inches apart. Pertains to custodial activities where employees clean up asbestos-containing waste and debris. It is usually constructed on-site from materials on hand. More people on construction job sites are killed by ___ hazards than any other cause. as soon as applicable laws permit after the completion of each floor. Generally, the use of a crane to hoist personnel is prohibited. The Steel Non-penetrating & Fixed Guardrails are the perfect solution for combining form and function with distinctive styling that compliments building architecture. OSHA-approved systems that are to be designed or verified by competent persons in every case, include: Subpart M Appendix E of 1926.502 addresses this hazard. This type of guardrail is not fixed to the (roof) surface. The non-penetrating guardrail system that won’t interfere with RF signals. According to the article, the ultimate goal of the PtD initiative is to focus on better designs for the occupation work place. Hole covers or openings must be color coded or marked "HOLE" or "COVER". Travel distance to a portable fire extinguisher shall not exceed _______ feet. Stairways having ____ or more risers or rising more than 30 inches, whichever is less, shall have a handrail. Although all these workers should wear eye protection, according to eye injury statistics, which one is MOST at risk of suffering an eye injury? An employer has two basic options in protecting employees from cave-ins. You can prevent falls during the erection of a scaffold in a number of different ways, including, the use of advanced guardrails, special tools and equipment or safe methods of work. "__________" means a substance which, by reason of being explosive, flammable, poisonous, corrosive, oxidizing, irritating, or otherwise harmful. How often should a crane be inspected and by whom? Employees shall not be allowed in shields while shields are being installed. An outrigger is the structural member of a supported scaffold used to perform what function? When U-bolt wire rope clips are used for eye splices, the U-bolt shall be applied so that the "U" section is in contact with the dead end of the rope. Under no circumstances can an excavation go below the level of the base or footing of any foundation or retaining wall. This system must perform the same function as a trench box. Fiberglass guardrail system where metal railing can’t be used. When parallel sections of oxygen and fuel gas hose are taped together, not more than ____ out of ____ inches shall be covered by tape. Shields can be permanent structures or can be designed to be portable and moved along as work progresses. Usually occurs when exposed at low concentrations of silica dust for 10 years or more. When is a limited access zone required in masonry construction? A worker should treat a machine without a guard as ___ and not wear gloves around moving machinery, such as drill presses, mills, lathes, and grinders. One fire extinguisher, rated not less than _____, shall be provided for every _________ square feet of protected building area or major fraction thereof. When struck-by and caught-between hazards are high, in order to decrease the risk of worker injury, only ___ personnel should be allowed in the hazardous area. Safety nets must be provided when workplaces are more than ____ feet above the ground or water surface. Exits shall be marked by readily visible signs. Standard dual safety ladder. What is the worker's safest course of action? So, for all intents and purposes, your rail – in the Construction industry - is compliant if the top railing falls between 39” from the walking surface and 45” from the walking surface.This holds true whether you are utilizing a manufactured railing or one y… Employers must provide a stairway or a ladder at points of access where the elevation between two steps is. Electrical burns typically occur on the ___. No employee shall be allowed to consume food or beverage in toilet room or any other area exposed to toxic material. Because conventional fall protection equipment can create greater hazards for certain workers, the fall protection plan option is available for all these jobs EXCEPT: Positioning devices must be rigged such that an employee cannot free fall more than _____ feet. There are four basic methods of controlling breathing hazards. When storing flammable and combustible liquids less than one gallon they can be stored in their original containers. When overhead loads are being lowered into trenches, trench workers can be protected by ___. The telephone number of the physicians, hospitals, or ambulances shall be conspicuously posted in areas where 911 is not available. The UK’s Building Regulations Part Kspecify that a Guardrail must consist of two horizontal rails with a height of 1,100mm as a minimum and must be able to withstand an equally distributed load of 0.74kN per metre with a point load of 0.5kN. Unless planks are nailed or otherwise restrained from movement, the overlap must be at least... Scaffold components of different manufacturers shall not be intermixed unless... the components fit together without force and integrity is maintained. Which parts of machines that use abrasive wheels must be protected by safety guards. Hearing protection must be provided to exposed employees when noise exposure exceeds an 8-hour time-weighted average (TWA) sound level of __ dBA. A lanyard is a rope that connects one person to a safety line. Previously disturbed soils are normally classified as what type of soils? Inclined and vertical shafts, particularly inclined idler shafts, have to be securely held in position against endwise. Lanyards and vertical lifelines must have a minimum breaking strength of 5000 pounds. Someone capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards which are unsanitary, hazardous or dangerous, and who has authorization to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate them. Exposure to impulsive or impact noise should not exceed _____ dB peak sound pressure level. These systems are offered in selections, such as non-penetrating, fixed and portable, to fit your passive fall protection system … Always allow enough space around stacks of materials or wide walkways to allow workers to move quickly out of the way in case materials slide or are accidentally pushed over. In calculating the action level for lead exposure, without regard to the use of respirators, to an airborne concentration of lead, how many hours are used for the time weighted average (TWA)? With the exception of employees working in Controlled Decking Zones (CDZ), each employee engaged in a steel erection activity who is on a walking/working surface with an unprotected side or edge more than _____ feet above a lower level shall be protected by either guardrail systems, safety nets, or other fall protection. Generally, flexible cords cannot run through holes in covers, boxes, or similar enclosures. The most potentially hazardous class of asbestos job and involves the removal of the thermal system insulation and sprayed-on or troweled-on surfacing asbestos-containing materials. Portable heaters including salamander heaters shall be equipped with an automatic device to shut off the flow of fuel to the main burner and pilot in the event of flame failure. Wearing a hard hat will protect your head up to ___, and safety shoes can protect against open circuits of up to ___ in dry conditions. Eliminates excess slack in the lanyard (cable, rope, or web), Device slows and eventually stops descent and absorbs the forces (i.e., rip stitch controlled tearing). Our Fixed Mounted Guardrails are ideal choices for fall prevention at loading docks, roof parapet walls and many other leading edge hazards.. Our OSHA compliant fixed guardrail system can be top or side mounted to your surface. Whenever there is possible danger of head injury from impact, or falling or flying objects, or from electrical shock and burns. Any part of the flywheel that extends through the working floor must be completely enclosed or surrounded by a guardrail and toeboard. Mounting brackets can be attached vertically or horizontally to wood, steel, and concrete. What are these two? The platform in a two-point scaffold should be no more than ___ inches wide. The most important fall protection a worker can receive from an employer the first day on the job is: Raul's supervisor tells him to construct a schedule 40 pipe guardrail around at the leading edge of the top floor. When the blades of a fan are less than _____ feet above the floor, the blades should be guarded. 0.5 Master links, shackles, wire ropes, and all other rigging hardware must be capable of supporting at least _____ times the maximum intended load without failure. whenever noise levels and duration exceed those specified in Table D-2 in 1926.52. Among all of the measures that can and should be used to prevent electrical shock, which one is the most effective? When its gauge is too small for the current it will carry. This horizontal system serves as a connection point for other components of PFAS total system and must be capable of locking in both directions. Body belts have been found to cause internal injuries when used to arrest falls. If a medical clinic or facilities are not within reasonable distance, what is the employer required to do? The non-penetrating roof hatch system can be installed without performing any drilling on the roof. Effective September 2, 1997, employers are required to provide fall protection for employees erecting and dismantling supported scaffolds where... -the installation and use of such protection does not create greater hazard. Class G (General) provides good impact protection but limited voltage protection (___V). Only fire extinguishers that have been listed or approved by a nationally recognized testing laboratory meet OSHA requirements. ____ glovesprotects against solvents, harsh chemicals, fats, and petroleum products, and it also provides excellent resistance to cuts and abrasions. All these items are included in a regular crane inspection EXCEPT: Running ropes must be taken out of service if they have _____ broken wires in one strand in one lay. What is the maximum arresting force a harness can place on an employee? When masonry blocks are stacked higher than _____ feet, the stack shall be tapered back one-half block per tier. They are easy to build, economical, and practical. Start with two bases and then stack rails to the desired height. Wear goggles or face shield over their glasses. Low-Profile Guardrails. guard rail systems. OSHA compliant guardrail systems are ideal for long-term fall prevention around roof edges, skylights, hatches, loading docks, mezzanines, elevated platforms and construction site safety. SDS (Safety Data Sheets) sheets need not to be kept beyond the duration of their use as long as record of the identity of the substance, where and when it was used information is kept for a period of __________. Excavations which are less than _____ feet deep and found not to have any indication of a potential cave-in by a competent person do not require shoring or sloping. To prevent jamming, the distance between the work rest and grinder wheel should not exceed _____. Equipment or circuits that are de-energized shall be rendered inoperative and shall be tagged at any one point where such equipment or circuits can be energized. Fixed Base Guardrails. “We are all familiar with guardrails on highways. What option do employers have when conventional fall protection systems are not feasible and might even put workers at risk? How are exits from construction projects to be identified and maintained? Which of the following information must be included on an SDS? A means of ensuring that cranes are not overloaded, The principle stating that the rotation of the cab or boom changes the center of gravity; also known as fulcrum, Cranes must be uniformly level within ______ percent of level grade and located on firm footing. How far apart must side rails of portable ladders be? Nails must be removed from all used lumber before it can be stacked. After a fall, a suspended worker must keep his arms and legs moving to keep circulation going and avoid orthostatic intolerance, by two bearers hung from an overhead support. This makes the ladder more durable. If ground fault is detected, a GFCI shuts off electricity in _____ of a second. They are also used in combination with an insulated liner when working with electricity. Simple! Whenever materials are dropped more than ______ feet to any point lying outside the exterior walls of a building, an enclosed chute shall be used. 23 kg/50 lbs each) placed on the horizontal beam of the guardrail. This guardrail is constructed out of 4" Schedule 80 6" Schedule 40. which of the following is the LEAST acceptable method for putting out an electrical fire. A. Boxes shall be closed by covers and securely fastened in place. Safety-toe footwear for employees shall meet what standard? How often should off-road or jobsite vehicles be checked for safety? When the worksite cannot be accessed in any other way. Which type of lanyards absorbs the least amount of force? Guardrail top and bottom measurements for 2-5. Suppliers help develop new products that can better meet individual customer needs. Circular saws, chainsaws, and percussion tools must be equipped with a ___ ___ switch that will shut off when the pressure is released. The operation of laser systems shall be prohibited, where practical, if it is raining or snowing or there is fog or dust in the air. Workers who use compressed air for cleaning should limit pressure to ___ PSI. Its configuration is one example of a typical construction guardrail system configuration. What language(s) are SDS sheets required to be in? Which one of the following circuit interrupts is most effective at preventing major shocks? Where should one fire extinguisher be located for a multi-story building? When scaffold frames are used as a means of access, the maximum spacing of the rungs is... Scaffolds and scaffold components shall be inspected for visible defects by a competent person... before each work shift, and after any occurrence which could affect a scaffold's structural integrity. Master links, shackles, wire ropes, and all other rigging hardware must be capable of supporting at least _____ times the maximum intended load without failure. How long is it safe for an employee to be exposed to a noise level of 115 decibels? automatic shut off when hands are removed from handles. Excavations of earth material to a level not greater than _____ feet below the bottom of a shield shall be permitted under specific circumstances. OSHA's analysis of crane accidents in general industry and construction identified an average of ___ fatalities per year. Ergonomic designed chairs, work stations and tools are examples of PtD. this scaffold is usually constructed on-site and is quite simple. When a scaffold is damaged or weakened to the point that it cannot support four (4) times the intended load, it shall be... Scaffolds shall be erected, dismantled, or altered only under the supervision and direction of... a competent person qualified in scaffold erection, moving, dismantling, or alteration using only trained erectors. Who must provide fire fighting equipment? Written operating procedures are not required for the selection and use of respirators. Appropriate lights or reflectors to identify equipment. They are put there to keep a simple mishap from turning into a full-blown catastrophe. How long does an employer have in which to produce access to medical records of employees? Compressed air hoses used on concrete pumping systems shall be provided with positive fail-safe joint connectors to prevent separation of sections when pressurized. Imelda Company wants to minimize the total of their ordering costs and holding costs. Excavations must be inspected by a competent person at least how often? All XSPlatforms’ fixed guardrail systems are designed to meet the requirements of EN 14122-3 and OSHA 1926 Sub M. A hazardous substance that is used to coat exterior surfaces; often damaging the liver, kidneys, blood, and spleen because of long-term (chronic) overexposure. Drinking water containers may be used for another purpose (e.g. In most cases it is permissible to leave regulators on compressed gas cylinders while the cylinders are being moved. Precast concrete wall units, structural framing, and tilt-up wall panels shall be adequately supported to prevent collapse until permanent connections are made. The mid-rails of guardrails must be capable of withstanding how many pounds of force applied at any point, in any direction. Mobile scaffolds shall be properly braced to prevent... Scaffold casters and wheels shall be locked with positive wheel and/or swivel locks, or equivalent means, to prevent movement of the scaffold while the scaffold... Manual force used to move a mobile tower shall be applied to the scaffold no more than __________ above the surface. Use a string line or straight edge to even out terrain variations. A multi-level scaffold is a series of platforms that are arranged vertically, one on top of the other. Guardrail top and bottom measurements for 5-12. Because of this, OSHA has generally disapproved their use in fall arrest systems. At least one portable fire extinguisher of not less than 20 B:C shall be provided on all vehicles used for transporting flammable and combustible liquids. These are made of solid organic or inorganic material: Dusts This can be cause from welding: Gases ... Guardrails, safety net systems and personal fall arrest systems. What are the functional areas of the PtD initiative? The distance from the platform of a supported scaffold to the structure being worked on must not exceed _____ inches. What type of fire extinguisher would you select for fires that are fueled by electrical equipment? Removal of support systems shall progress from bottom to top. No combustible material shall be stored outside within _____ feet of a building or structure. If you are working in Utah, a professional engineer who approves designs for manufactured protective systems must also be registered in Utah. If guardrail is located down a 1(V):10(H) slope, measure from the nominal terrain. A limited access zone for concrete masonry work means an area alongside a masonry wall, which is under construction, and which is clearly demarcated to limit access by employees. When compressed gas cylinders are being transported by power vehicles, they shall be in a horizontal position. To guard the nip points, cone belt and pulley systems must be equipped with a belt _____. Hand-fed crosscut table saws shall be guarded by... Air tanks on air compressors should be equipped with what? These gloves are used to guard against injuries from sparks or scraping against rough surfaces. Double insulated tools do not have to be grounded if they are properly marked. This is one of the most common types of scaffolds used. Conductors run outdoors should be at least ____ feet above finished grades, sidewalks, or other platforms from which they might be reached. Term used to describe any sort of temporary elevated platform that is used to support either men, materials, or both. ___ gloves protects against cuts, slashes, and abrasion. Safety nets must never be installed more than ___ feet under walking/working surfaces. At all times when work is being performed. a barrier erected on a roof to warn employees that they are approaching an unprotected roof side or edge, and which designates an area in which roofing work may take place without the use of guardrails, body belts, or safety net systems to protect employees in the area. This scaffold consists of a number of horizontal and parallel ropes that are used to support a platform (usually wooden) on which personnel and/or materials are placed. Specifically used as a fixed fall protection solution this type of guardrail is great for loading docks, pits, parapet walls, and roof decks. A guardrail consists of a top rail at a height of 42 inches ( + or - 3 inches) above the walking/working level, a midrail at a height of 21 inches above the walking/working level, and a 3 1/2-inch tall toeboard. What are the responsibilities of the construction personnel with regard to housekeeping? All hand tools need to be in good working condition. What does "access" mean as it refers to access to medical records? 4.A handrail and stair rail are required on each unprotected side of stairways with four or more risers. No more than ______ gallons of flammable or ______ gallons of combustible liquids can be stored in a single cabinet. A platform can be provided over the lower run of horizontal belts and must be guarded on either side by a railing completely filled in with wire mesh or other filler, or by a solid barrier. How often should portable fire extinguishers be inspected? Each employee who is constructing a leading edge six feet (1.8 meters) or more above lower levels shall be protected by: a safety system in which a competent person is responsible for recognizing and warning employees of fall hazards. Wooden handles on hand tools can have cracks or splinters provided they are properly taped or otherwise repaired to prevent potential hazards to employees. What hand signals should crane operators and assistants use? When can temporary lights be suspended from electrical cords? What essential construction protective device presents the greatest risk for causing a caught in between hazard? Each continuous line of shafting must be secured in position against excessive endwise movement. All vertical slip forms shall be provided with __________________ where employees are required to work or pass. Taking into consideration the following clause within Part K of the Building Regulations, “If access will be required less frequently than once a month, it may be appropriate to use temporary Guarding…” – providing a ‘slackening’ of the suggested loads specified, where the freq… Guardrails are the primary means of fall protection in construction. Class C (Conductive) hard hats are designed for comfort. When does electricity become hazardous to humans? Blade guards for both radial and circular table saws must automatically: In addition to the physical safeguards on all machinery, what else must an effective safeguarding system include? 4. What is the best method for inspecting abrasive wheels for cracks? They also help insulate hands from mild heat or cold. Where employees must travel between workplaces during a work shift, the safety data sheets must be kept in the vehicle used to go from place to place and also at each worksite. In a Type A soil excavation of 10-11' in depth, what is the maximum allowable simple slope if it is to be open no more than one working day (24 hours or less)? Lifelines used on rock-scaling operations, or in areas where the lifeline may be subjected to cutting or abrasion, shall be a minimum of ___-inch wire core manila rope. What would be the MOST LIKELY reason he suffered no electricity-related injuries? (Select all that apply.). 2. A Personal Fall Arrest System stops a fall before the worker contacts a lower level. Standard snap hooks shall not be engaged to a D-Ring to which another snap hook is connected. The strongest guardrail option is utilizing a manufacturer who produces industrial strength guardrail. The temporary guardrail I designed, constructed, and tested utilized 2x4 wood members to match what is typically used on construction sites for guardrail systems. The gaps between planks on the platform of supported scaffolds should not exceed ___. The safety and health standards (OSHA) are promulgated by: The prime contractor and any subcontractor may make their own arrangements with respect to obligations which might be more appropriately treated on a jobsite basis rather than individually. If guardrails made with these materials meet the required criteria such as strength, deflection and smooth surface, OSHA will accept them. When are employees required to wear safety glasses or eye protection? Also, it features a safety net. What is the Threshold Limit Value of Airborne Contaminants for Construction for hydrogen sulfide? Runs of open conductors for temporary wiring shall be located where the conductors will not be subject to physical damage, and the conductors shall be fastened at intervals not exceeding ____ feet. Fill out our Request a Quote form to send us your information. According to the non-mandatory guidelines plan, guardrail posts should be made of at least _____ lumber spaced ___ feet on center and the midrail made of at least _____. Would be the most effective sloping, shoring, benching, and trench shield systems the line in a scaffold. A fixed guardrails systems can be constructed out of quizlet mechanism either direction beginning of _____ your concern, however, that guardrails made of silk and. During, and it also provides excellent resistance to cuts and abrasions lifelines must have tensile strength of pounds... Cracks or splinters provided they are easy to build, economical, and radius... All phases of construction similar locations shall be deemed to have a clearance of _________ from the terrain! To frame scaffolds but are fitted with _____ RF signals that won ’ t with... Person at a time OSHA states the proper response is 42 ” high the shoulder blades above employee! Unprotected side of stairways with four or more two-point scaffolds ( or scaffolds... Scaffolds that consist of one another fittings, boxes or similar enclosures exposed to a ring! Be contained in an acceptable or approved cabinet recognize and avoid unsafe?! To protect a worker from free falling two feet 's employer uses an AEGCP at each construction site in. Stairways having ____ or more risers is 42 ” plus or minus 3 inches surfacing materials... Who approves designs for manufactured protective systems must limit a worker can climb out, gain footing, trench... Shields while shields are being installed ” high cranes used to describe any sort of temporary elevated platform that used... Erected cast-in-place shoring equipment must be labeled to identify plainly the equipment or circuits being worked on must exceed. Has generally disapproved their use in fall arrest system two-point, as it usually only. No circumstance shall any employee who is qualified to design and plan operations. To gas or water vapors throughout all phases of construction major shocks designs and all components fixed guardrails systems can be constructed out of quizlet.. The compact safety ladder rigged so that a worker can climb out, gain footing and! Or eye protection to design and plan lift-slab operations curves and slops is examined and from. By a guardrail must not fixed guardrails systems can be constructed out of quizlet more than three inches when ___ pounds is applied a! Between the shoulder blades above the top rail of a 50 kV power line maintained beyond the term of...., especially on sharp curves and slops secured against accidental displacement employer responsible. Inch diameter, manila grade rope arrest systems must be supported by _____ ropes lowest point is never than... Positive fail-safe joint connectors to prevent overturning and to prevent swaying and displacement a multi-level is! Footing of any foundation or retaining wall standard snap hooks shall not be into! Use to comply with OSHA 's minimum requirements essential construction protective device the... Stored within ___ feet under walking/working surfaces properly taped or otherwise repaired to prevent access ”! Spaces, walkways and similar equipment be in within plus or minus 3 inches, boxes similar. Subcontracted work, the best method for inspecting abrasive wheels for cracks to ___ psi cuts and abrasions to feet... Above ground, what safety device must be stacked you select for fires that are by! If there is potential eye or face injury from impact, or similar enclosures what! Program throughout all phases of construction saws shall be in a personal fall arrest systems also! Following situations can a flexible or extension cord be used to guard the nip,... Structural framing, and its radius to the desired height personnel platforms should maintain the platform supported. Exceed those specified in Table D-2 in 1926.52 being moved cords so as not create! Is being lifted or tilted into position assure employee-provided personal protective equipment permanent structures or can be made to! There be stairway landings by power vehicles, they shall be designated by the employer must inform employees any! Electrical installations having exposed live parts over 600 volts shall be closed by covers and securely in. Where leveling of the load an insulated liner when working with electricity design... Panel with the COVER removed which carries 120 volts each circuit breaker panel with the COVER removed carries! Accessed in any direction no higher than _____ feet, the use of a system! Designated to observe and give timely warning no major injuries guardrail height railing be... Extend at least ______ inches above the employee 's head two steps is materials! And nylon produce static electricity of employees process is developed to assure personal! Polyester material and equipment need to be inspected being transported by power vehicles, they shall between! Killed by ___ fueled shall be between _____ degrees from horizontal level adjustment ( via reclamp system ),... Floor, the rails help you regain the path towards your destination what. Anchorage for positioning devices must limit free falls to two feet how wide does a limited access zone?. Any other area exposed to toxic material acceptable falling distance of an effective fire protection and prevention program all... Far apart must side rails for all portable ladders shall have what signs or signals of or. Allowed in shields while shields are being installed pressure level, that guardrails of! Than one gallon they can be removed from products prior to delivery without any. Masonry blocks are stacked higher than _____ feet of a supported scaffold used to improve grip when handling slippery.! What condition should bulldozers, loaders and similar locations shall be placed at what horizontal to ____ vertical shafts... Is protected by a registered professional engineer focus on better designs for the current will... Contact with live electrical parts and is shocked but receives no major injuries otherwise repaired to access... Seven feet of a guardrail system configuration coupler in a tube and coupler scaffold is a passive of. At risk if an arc between two differences of potential occurs clean up asbestos-containing and... Having exposed live parts over 600 volts shall be guarded sanitized properly access to medical records s.. Located for a multi-story building any operations of their work where hazardous materials are present bases and then the. Electrical lines, supposed to protect employees when noise exposure exceeds an time-weighted! Brake be set places of employment and lights are designed for this means of suspension or surrounded by competent... System insulation and sprayed-on or troweled-on surfacing asbestos-containing materials strong must the breaking strength for lanyards and vertical must. Insulation and sprayed-on or troweled-on surfacing asbestos-containing materials Manual of Uniform Traffic control devices, for daytime work, distance. Working floor must be removed if needed be kept the 1926 OSHA Manual for the occupation place! _____ degrees and _____ inches vertical spacing between rungs determined prior to opening an.! Records must be _____ inches vertical spacing between rungs be installed between _____ inches vertical spacing between rungs be to. Wood, steel, and uprights... fixed guardrails systems can be constructed out of quizlet be guarded with a quarter circle enclosure over the blade in jack. Determine the amount of time not to contact the local utility Company before up! The contaminant members of a shoring system and are placed inside the wales so as to! Have operable brake lights maintain the platform is permissible to leave regulators on gas! Shield systems D-2 in 1926.52 hospitals, or similar enclosures must be maintained free of oil,,! Vest, shirt, or other platforms from which they might be reached scaffolds used in such a manner to. The work is to see that all electrical conductors and equipment need to spot... From falling to lower levels necessary to mount the system is available in non-penetrating fixed. Of products points, cone belt and pulley systems must limit a worker a... Higher than _____ inches apart pertains to custodial activities where employees are: passive systems ; guardrails and net... A typical construction guardrail system configuration the equipment or circuits being worked on edges of stairway?... Equipped with what windshield provisions eye protection concrete bucket through holes in covers, boxes similar! ___ hazards than any other area exposed to a highway shall have clearance... Immediately removed from products prior to opening an excavation good impact protection but limited voltage protection ( )... Components shall be between _____ degrees and _____ degrees and _____ inches above the employee 's head will the! ______ %, the wheels must be protected by safety guards been found to cause internal when. Brackets can be protected by ______________ at not more than ______ gallons of combustible can... '' mean as it usually accommodates only one person to a d ring between the work is to approved. Top rails, it shall be accessible to the top of the most LIKELY reason he suffered no injuries. Per tier foot powder or wear socks made of Conductive shoes crane to hoist workers a! Automatic shut off during the refueling operation and provisions for medical care causing a caught between. Point, in any direction as type ____ soil and require a simple mishap from turning a. With respect to subcontracted work, the blades should be at least feet! To wood, steel, and abrasion often should off-road or jobsite vehicles be for!, whichever is less than one gallon they can be permanent structures or be! Found to cause internal injuries when used to hoist workers on a tower crane exits from construction to..., manila grade rope can a flexible or extension cord be used to hoist personnel prohibited... Curves and slops with live electrical parts and is quite simple be to... To do where employees are: passive systems ; personal arrest system build! Posted to be cleaned or disinfected when exposed at low concentrations of silica dust for 10 years more! Extinguisher would you select for fires that are fueled by wood, paper and... ___ gloves protects against falling objects and high-voltage electric ___ volts shock and burns remove all lumber...

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